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5 February 2019

Fresh claims public schools will be ‘hit hardest’ under new school funding arrangements are simply wrong, Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd (CECV) acting Executive Director Jim Miles says.

‘Public schools are by far the biggest winners under the new federal funding model for schools.

‘Public schools nationally already receive about 19% more recurrent funding than Catholic schools.

‘Under the new federal funding model, funding for public schools will grow by about 6% per student per annum, while federal funding for Catholic schools will grow at only around 4% per student per annum.

‘State governments, meanwhile, will remain absolutely free to fund public schools above School Resource Standard levels.

‘In contrast, Catholic schools that want to further lift resourcing levels will have to do so by their own efforts, from the hard work of parents and their school communities.

‘This simply does not – and cannot – translate into a “hit” for public schools.’

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