St Mary Magdalen's School, Chadstone

St Mary Magdalen's School, Chadstone

Principal:  Dr Helen Healy

E No.  E1180

Year Levels:  P to 6

Phone Number:  9807 0315

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St Mary Magdalen's School is located in Chadstone, 20km East of Melbourne CBD and close to the Monash Freeway. It was first opened in 1954 and has served the families and parishioners in the area well over the years. New families are now moving back into the Chadstone area and the school has an improvement focus and an emphasis on enrolment maximisation.


St Mary Magdalen's caters for the academic, spiritual, social, emotional and physical development of all of its students. We have developed a culture of continuous school improvement based on the collection of student data to inform teaching and learning. Learning is personalised in response to the individual needs of students. We believe that, given the right amount of support and time, all students can learn and reach their potential.

We are a community of learners and our teachers are continuously involved in professional learning, through professional development courses and in working as Professional Learning Teams both within the school and in local clusters.

The school offers a comprehensive curriculum with a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy development, religious education, science, humanities, the arts, physical education, health and technology. Other essential skills such as thinking, design, and information and communication technologies are embedded across the curriculum areas. All programs are sequential and student progress is monitored to ensure effective teaching and learning are taking place. The school has a purpose-built learning area for the Junior students which incorporates a kitchen and areas for active learning. All students have access to fully-networked multimedia resources. Students are able to access local sporting facilities in addition to the neat playing areas within the school grounds.

Parents are actively involved in the education of their children at St Mary Magdalen's. We encourage parents to assist in the classrooms, to be involved in class and whole-school activities, and to participate in parent groups such as the Education Board, Parents and Friends, Parent Forums, Parent Education Sessions and social events.


St Mary Magdalen's is a health-promoting school with student wellbeing at the centre of our school organization. School programs such as STAR, which is a multi-age program designed to teach children social skills, values and personal safety, are a vital area of school provision. We also implement a range of small focus group programs targeted to meet the social emotional needs of individual students as they arise. We believe that children need to have a sense of belonging, a positive self-image and feel safe if they are to learn to their potential.

We have developed a Student Code of Conduct, which addresses the rights and responsibilities of all children. It includes preventative measures and consequences to address bullying and ensures all children are safe.

The school is involved in health promotion through the implementation of our Edible Kitchen Garden Program in partnership with Cultivating Communities. This program involves children in authentic real-life learning. Each class is involved in a fortnightly session where they learn about planting, tendering and harvesting vegetables and fruits. Children also have the opportunity to prepare, cook and eat cook the produce they have harvested. This program teaches children about sustainable practices in the production of food, waste reduction and how to minimise their footprint on the Earth.

Each Wednesday morning the school community comes together for breakfast, promoting the importance of a healthy breakfast and providing a social avenue for the community to meet.

We are also involved in a range of community partnerships with local schools, community houses and the local council.

We believe that the school is the core social centre of the community and we actively promote parent and family participation in all we do.

School location

Address:  15 Bambil Street
Chadstone VIC 3148

Diocese:  Archdiocese of Melbourne

Region:  Eastern

Parish:  St Mary Magdalen's