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18 December 2020

This year’s Christmas message includes a combined choir of four schools from across the regions. The students of Aquinas College, Ringwood, led by Lisa Sully and accompanied by Adrian Perri, sang ‘Hark! The Herald Angels Sing’. Aaron Barfoot and David Crowley of Impress Audio & Lighting did a magnificent job recording the Aquinas students, including a delightful hint of the birds who were eager to join the chorus. The recording was then given to the choirs at St Andrew’s School, Werribee, St Augustine’s Primary School, Keilor, and St James’ School, Brighton, who were recorded singing along. A fitting way to mark the Advent season in 2020.

Aquinas College, Ringwood

Choir: Brooke Tudor (solo), Cassie Wynne, Chloe Lopez, Cody Boland, Eliza Fletcher, Ella Leavey, Maia Weston, Reuben Steen, Shaelee Donohue, Tim Wallace

Music director: Lisa Sully

Accompanist: Adrian Perri

Music coordinator: Jared Campbell


St Andrew’s School, Werribee

Choir: Achol Bech, Alexa Pridham, Aman Mabior, Amelia Wilson, Eliza Kelly, Ellie De Hoog, Estelle Maczka, Jennifer Mutaka, Jenny Byar, Lauren Tirris, Rong Maciek

Music teacher: Elizabeth Kietner


St Augustine’s Primary School, Keilor

Choir: Abigail Rawlings, Anna Dinh, Annabelle Cullia, Arielle Psaila, Bianca Blavicki, Caitlin Healey, Caterina Sita, Ena Lukic, Ethan Antonius, Heath Egan, Ivana Clark, Jazelle Barbuto, Kai Camilleri, Ruby Logan, Trinity Rivelli

Ukulele: Irena Razumic, Isabella Matesic, Lara Delija, Marley Kelly, Mia Tonkovic

Music teacher: Jane Padden

Ukulele recording: Chris James


St James’ School, Brighton

Choir: Alexandra, Billie, Natalie, Pia, Raphaela, Venetia.


Impress Audio & Lighting

Aaron Barfoot and David Crowley