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8 December 2020

Design students with their creations.By Esther Lauaki

Students at Caroline Chisholm Catholic College, Braybrook, turned designers for their recent end-of-year assessment – launching a mini-market.

The VCAL design students combined their applied numeracy and entrepreneurial skills to create the project. Students designed and made small items from resin to sell to the wider school community and then donated the proceeds to local charities.

Design and technologies head Monique Dalli said the students led the initiative from start to finish.

‘Students conducted research about how designers make, create and sell products and also learnt about how making for other people is a powerful and rewarding creative process’, Ms Dalli said.

‘They applied their numeracy skills to calculate ratios by weight and volume, adding pigments, powders and dyes, as well as knowing their role in their enterprising venture so that each student’s skills and talents were maximised.’

‘Students were working to and beyond their capacity in an area that they had an interest in, for example, they picked their role and contribution: stock counting and management, making the laser cut tags/operating the laser cutter, mixing resin and doing the calculations, creating colour combinations, sanding, making the stands or gluing findings on – each of these tasks was suited to individuals, they each had a role and a way they are contributing positively.’

This article was originally published in the Brimbank & North West Star Weekly on 8 December 2020.