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12 August 2021

students at Loyola CollegeStudents from Loyola College, Watsonia, are ‘curing’ monolingualism by making the most of the languages offered at the school.

Students have been given the opportunity to choose from Indonesian, French or Italian as their language study. Some students even choose two languages or study Religious Education, History and Geography in their target language.

The Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach adopted by the school sees students acquiring the appropriate knowledge and skills of these subjects in Indonesian, French or Italian.

Loyola College students also annually compete in the Berthe Mouchette, Dante Alighieri and Sayembara Lisan language speaking competitions. These give students a chance to challenge their skills and knowledge in an environment other than the classroom.

This is an extract of an article that was originally published in the Northern Star Weekly on Tuesday 10 August 2021.