Rerum Novarum Awards 2021

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12 March 2021

The Rerum Novarum Foundation and Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS) have launched the 2021 Rerum Novarum Awards.

Senior students are tasked with the challenge to address a social justice issue in their community, using the ‘See, Judge, Act’ method to apply the principles of Catholic social teaching to their project. Proposals include a research paper, a video submission, a project impact report and a funding proposal. Grants are available to the winning projects.

Students from the winning schools in the inaugural 2020 Rerum Novarum Awards have shared their reflections on the impact of their project on their community. Brian Lawrence from the Rerum Novarum Foundation and Michael Harrison from MACS have recorded messages to give schools a better understanding of the themes. For more information about the Awards, visit the RESource website.