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27 April 2023

reinvent the classroom workshop
reinvent the classroom workshop
Teachers from Annunciation School and St Peter’s School came together on 24 April for a workshop with HP designed to help them offer ‘next level’ learning opportunities using the latest technology with their students.

Annunciation School, Brooklyn, and St Peter’s School, Sunshine South West, are partnering with HP on a Reinvent the Classroom program to offer ‘next level’ learning opportunities for their students.

The program, a digital transformation framework for schools, aims to build teachers’ digital confidence, develop innovative learning spaces, and further develop the use of digital resources in teaching and learning practices.

‘With technological change being so rapid, it’s vital we continue to invent new ways to leverage technology to personalise learning, reach all types of students and prepare them for future success in a digital world.

‘The framework and resources of the Reinvent the Classroom program will assist us with this aim’, said Annunciation School Principal Anna Yorston.

St Peter’s School Principal Karen Bergin said: ‘Digital-focused activities offer students more control and ownership over their learning, making it more authentic to them.

‘Giving focus to the integration of information and communications technology (ICT) in our school, along with the correct resources, will improve teaching, learning and the digital skills development of our students.’

Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS) General Manager, Student and Learning Technologies, Danielle Purdy says Annunciation and St Peter’s are the first Catholic schools in Victoria to participate in the program.

‘This program has achieved outstanding results in schools overseas. It is very practically focused, offering workshops for school leadership teams, tailored training plans for teachers, along with additional equipment for students such as technology for video production, digital fabrication, robotics and AI’, she said.

Both schools have completed an initial survey of staff and students, and teachers participated in a training day on 24 April led by HP Education Ambassador Brett Salakas who demonstrated cutting-edge digital learning approaches.