Families share in learning and play

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2 May 2024

International Maths Day was a spectacular celebration at St Charles Borromeo School, Templestowe. The event aimed to foster a love of mathematics, strengthen the bond between home and the school community, and showcase the school’s involvement in the Teaching for Impact in Mathematics Series.

The highlight of the event was a family games afternoon, where parents experienced firsthand a daily review in their child’s classroom. Laughter and cheer filled the air as families played games together, including everyone’s favourite – bingo. The afternoon showcased the joy that mathematics can bring.

To end the festivities, showbags filled with exciting puzzles, games and maths-related goodies were distributed to all participants, sparking curiosity and enthusiasm for numbers and problem-solving. The showbags ensure that all students at St Charles Borromeo School have access to basic supplies at home to support them with their mathematics learning.

Overall, the International Maths Day celebration was a resounding success, bringing families closer together through a shared experience of learning and playing with numbers. It was a memorable and enriching event that highlighted the importance of mathematics education and the power of community involvement in shaping young minds.

international maths day