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Languages - Now We're Talking!

The Catholic Education Commission of Victoria (CECV) has acknowledged the deep value of languages learning by developing Languages – Now We're Talking! a F–12 strategy for Victorian Catholic schools.

Every student is entitled to a quality languages education program. It is not an optional extra for students, but essential in supporting them to enter into critical dialogue with the Catholic faith tradition and to deepen their humanity in an increasingly globalised world. Languages – Now We're Talking! is the result of genuine collaboration and a long-term commitment from all four Victorian Catholic dioceses to enable every student to find their voice in a quality language learning environment.

Learning a language means learning about what it means to be literate. Research tells us that the experience of learning a second language not only improves our knowledge of how languages work but also enhances our thinking skills. Respectful understanding of linguistic and cultural difference, and high-level language and intercultural skills are also essential for Victorian Catholic students to meet the challenges, and thrive, in a world characterised by significant social, economic, technological and environmental changes.

The strategy brochure outlines the support available to Victorian Catholic schools as they plan for strengthening their current provision in languages education. This support includes:

  • sector-wide targets for languages education
  • a transitional funding model for primary schools
  • projects available to leaders and teachers in Victorian Catholic primary and secondary schools, including credentialed study, professional learning support, grants, and research and evaluation.
Our School Values – Indonesian (Holy Family School, Doveton)
Community Engagement (St Paul the Apostle, Doreen)
Leadership in Languages (St Paul the Apostle, Doreen)
Oral Language (St Paul the Apostle, Doreen)
Teachers as Co Learners (St Paul the Apostle, Doreen)

For further details please contact:
Ms Chloe Briand
Lead, Learning and Teaching (Languages)
Telephone: 03 9267 0228