St Ambrose's School, Woodend

St Ambrose's School, Woodend

Principal:  Ms Bronwyn Phillips

E No.  E1033

Year Levels:  P to 6

Phone Number:  5427 1285

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St. Ambrose's Parish Primary School is an educational institution, registered since 1906 but in existence since approximately 1859, that gives careful attention to academic and personal excellence, in a manner that allows children to develop to the best of their individual ability.


We endeavour to provide an environment that welcomes, nurtures and stimulates the children in our school academically, spiritually, socially, emotionally and physically. We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children and endeavour to create an atmosphere of partnership in the educational process between the staff of the school and the parents. The school exists primarily to assist the Parish and its families in the faith development of their children.

St Ambrose Primary School is an integral part of the Parish of St Ambrose, Woodend. Registered since 1906, but in existence since approximately 1859,St Ambrose Primary School is committed to developing a safe and supportive learning environment that focuses on the whole child by nurturing a learning community that grows together, where all are engaged, empowered and encouraged to develop a love of life-long learning.

School location

Address:  18 Templeton Street
Woodend VIC 3442

Diocese:  Archdiocese of Melbourne

Region:  Northern

Parish:  St Ambrose's

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