St Brigid's School, Gisborne

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St Brigid's School, Gisborne

Principal:  Ms Mel Daly

E No.  E1037

Year Levels:  P to 6

Phone Number:  5428 2220

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St Brigid’s is one of two Catholic Primary Schools in the Parish of Gisborne. In partnership with its sister school, Holy Cross, it operates within the St Brigid’s Parish Community with Fr Gerry Spillane as its pastoral leader.

As a parish school, St Brigid’s functions under the direction and support of the Archbishop of Melbourne.

Situated within the township of Gisborne, approximately 50 kilometres from Melbourne on the Calder Freeway, the school serves a large commuter population and caters for both urban and semi-rural components of the community. There has been a Catholic School in the township for over 150 years.

St Brigid’s is a welcoming school community with a strong Catholic identity and culture.

The school assigns Faith Development a high priority and therefore places a strong emphasis on Religious Education for all members of the community.

St Brigid’s has a committed and enthusiastic staff, who is always willing to explore and respond to new initiatives, in order to achieve better outcomes for all. The implementation of powerful teaching strategies has enabled students to take more ownership of and responsibility for their learning.

While student outcomes in both English and Mathematics have improved we recognise that we need to continue to extend learning outcomes in these key learning areas.

We believe optimal learning can only take place in a safe, nurturing environment which values justice and is committed to forging honest, open and responsible relationships. As a small community we have been able to create an intimate atmosphere and a safe and welcoming environment.

Recent renovations have seen the school evolve into an open planned area which supports our current pedagogy and will lead us into more personalized learning. Strong connections have been forged with feeder institutions, support services and the local community.

We value shared leadership and management as this unites community towards a common goal. At St. Brigid’s there is a strong belief that all stake holders can contribute to the organisation and running of the school. We have implemented strategies which have increased ownership and developed teamwork. The school has provided a variety of occasions for all members to contribute to decisions relating to its organisation and management.

While we acknowledge and identify the goals for the future, we recognise and celebrate the many achievements we experience annually.

School location

Address:  68 Aitken Street
Gisborne VIC 3437

Diocese:  Archdiocese of Melbourne

Region:  Northern

Parish:  St Brigid's