Sacred Heart School, Oakleigh

Sacred Heart School, Oakleigh

Principal:  Mr Brian Martin

E No.  E1139

Year Levels:  P to 6

Phone Number:  8574 4500

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In 1934 six Sisters from the Institute of Our Lady of the Missions established Sacred Heart Parish School, which opened on June 25 in the parish hall with 59 students. In January 1936, the land on which the school currently stands was purchased. At the time 262 students were in attendance.

By 1951 the pressure of growth had increased enrolment to more than 600 children. A third storey was added to the existing school building and opened on 2 November 1952. The junior school, in Mora Avenue, was completed in 1976. By 1982, after 48 years, the administration and staffing of the school passed from the Sisters to lay staff.

A major refurbishment of the main campus was completed in May 1987. Another major addition was the new technology and library area, administration building and staff facilities in 2006 on the site where the convent once stood. Hall renovations and an elevator were installed in 2010, giving better access to the three storey building.

In 2021 a new kindergarten was established, in the junior school buildings, in Mora Avenue. The kindergarten was created to cater for the 3 and 4 year old children in the community after the closure of Emmanuel Kindergarten.


We are proud of our Catholic faith and tradition and this underpins all areas of school life through relationships, prayer and rituals. We enjoy a strong sense of belonging and connectedness in our close-knit community. We welcome active engagement in the life of the school by all members of our community. We are a Child Safe school promoting the safety, wellbeing and inclusion of all children.

We are committed to a collaborative, engaging culture of learning where students engage in problem solving, thinking critically and excelling in their learning. Our teachers are passionate about students and their learning and we know that good relationships are at the heart of our teaching. We provide an exceptionally high-quality curriculum, embracing technology and extracurricular activities. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards in Literacy and Numeracy while supporting each student to achieve their highest possible goals. We want each student to be the best they can be and live out the Gospel values to make a difference in our world.


Learning and Teaching
We promote learning that empowers learners to seek truth, to question and critique the prevailing cultural, political and philosophical ideas within the world around them. We develop the growth of all students in their learning journey. We develop students' growth mindset to continually improve their skills, leading to greater growth and greater success.

Lessons are innovative and creative where teachers continue to discover and devise new methods and content to ensure that students always get the best learning experiences. Students are empowered to have a strong voice in the learning process and to take risks in a safe environment. All students are actively engaged in activities that encourage them to develop a deeper understanding of content by working with and reflecting upon the material being presented. Activities are selected to meet the needs of the learner at their point of need.

Extension sessions run for more skilled students in numeracy and literacy in small groups. A specialised extension teacher runs these sessions. Small group sessions focusing on intervention, target student learning and ensure students realise growth and success in numeracy and literacy. A specialised intervention teacher also runs these sessions.

We focus on meaningful learning that embraces collaboration, positive teacher student relationships and self-satisfaction. Students are engaged in learning through excursions / incursions, our F-6 Camping Program, events such as the Premier's Reading Challenge, library borrowing during class and lunchtime, book club and book week activities. Specialist classes include Visual Arts, LOTE, Physical Education as well as rotations classes in Performing Arts, Science, History, Geography, Financial Literacy and Health which enhance the Literacy and Numeracy Programs.

The Arts
The Arts are used to developing creativity and expression in performing arts, visual arts and music. Students participate in community projects, Creative Music lessons and our Artist in Residence Program. Highlights of the Arts program include the Art Show and School Concert.

Our Sporting Program maintains healthy bodies and minds. Students participate in the Swimming Program, Cross Country, Athletics, AFL Football Clinics, Sporting Schools Afterschool Clinics, Community Sporting Clinics and Gymnastics. These programs lead up to our very successful Interschool Sport, District Sport and Representative Sports Programs.

Technology (1:1, Robotics and Coding)
We are innovative, progressive and adaptive. Our Technology Programs help close that gap and enhances the online relationships between teachers and students. Our 'One to One' Program creates the highest quality education and engagement of students in their learning. The Chromebooks for this program allow tools and processes for effective communication, collaboration and collective meaning in both the home and school settings.

Robotics is used as a transformational tool for learning, computational thinking, coding and engineering. These are critical ingredients of our STEM learning program. Coding allows us to enhance student problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity skills.

Student Wellbeing
Based on needs, we research best practice and run programs that support students, so they can fully participate in the world. We focus on building resilience and student wellbeing of all students. Our positive behaviour management program is highly effective in preventing and addressing any challenging behaviours in the classroom. Our clear and consistent expectations reduce stress, clear up much-needed time for teaching, improve overall student behaviours and creates better classroom cultures.

Circle Time helps develop positive relationships between class members through engaging and fun activities. It's a carefully planned time in which students develop a wide range of skills and attitudes such as confidence, self-esteem, speaking and listening.

Student Forums create student voice and agency as well as ownership, collaboration and engagement in genuine decision making. Our leadership program develops every student in Year 6 in one of the following portfolios: Social Justice, Environment, Technology, Arts, Community and Sport Portfolios.

Seasons for Growth is an education program for students who have experienced significant change or loss. It is led by trained staff. Our onsite qualified psychologist gives students and families access to high quality mental health services. Our counsellor works with students and families on relationship skills and social and emotional difficulties. Wellbeing services offered include: a Psychologist & Counsellor, Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapy, Dental Program, School Nursing Program and Learning Support Staff.

Our eXcel Student Wellbeing Framework includes a Kindergarten Immersion Program, F-6 Buddy Program, Transition Program, eSmart and Lunchtime Clubs (Coding, Book Club, Art, Wellbeing, Dance, Chess, Gardening, Library & Sport). Our focus on wellbeing builds Social Networks through fun and engaging means. Students are trained in bullying prevention and creating student safe environments. Our students have a strong sense of belonging, and feeling safe at school.

Parent Engagement in Learning
Parents are actively engaged in the life of the school through:

* Participation in events such as the beginning of year welcome night, prep parent night and graduation
* Supporting learning through being a classroom helper in literacy and numeracy, being involved in the camp program, school education board, sports day, art show, concert as well as the parent teacher and student meetings
* Participation in parents' training sessions including sacramental nights, Chromebook bootcamp, wellbeing workshops, community conversations, family life, cybersafety and child safe training sessions, and literacy and numeracy family nights.

Together we build a culture of learning.

Community Involvement
We foster a community that creates connectedness, increases academic performance and boosts self-worth. Our focus is connecting students, teachers, leaders and parents to make the best learning environments for our students. We build effective partnerships based on mutual trust and respect, and shared responsibility for the education and wellbeing of each of our students.

The Parent Association (PA) works to develop and nurture the sense of community within the school. It plans and coordinates events and activities throughout the school year. At our school, we only focus on community building and not fund raising so the focus can truly be on the school community.

Highlights of the PA events include:
* Welcome morning tea for the foundation families
* Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday
* End of term BBQs
* Subway lunches
* Mother's and Father's Day stalls
* Mother's and Father's Day breakfasts
* Family Big Day Out
* Movie night
* Disco
* Second-hand uniform shop
* Footy tipping competition
* Graduation dinner
* Trivia night
* Grandparents day and much much more.

GEKA Sacred Heart Kindergarten commenced operation in 2021 offering a kindergarten program for both 3 and 4 year old children.

Positioned in the school grounds, adjacent to the prep classrooms, the children in the kindergarten share some common areas with school children, to work, play and explore the learning environments. A strength-based approach to learning allows children to develop a strong sense of belonging and connectedness between the kindergarten and the school.

Outside School Hours Care / Holiday Program
We are proud to partner with Camp Australia to provide our Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) and holiday program. Camp Australia's experienced team of educators are dedicated to providing a safe and engaging space for students to learn and grow. Before School, After School, Pupil Free Days and Holiday Programs are all offered in our school hall. Every experience is tailored to each child and focused on developing curiosity, imagination and

School location

Address:  2 Mora Avenue
Oakleigh VIC 3166

Diocese:  Archdiocese of Melbourne

Region:  Southern

Parish:  Sacred Heart

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