St Theresa's School, Albion

St Theresa's School, Albion

Principal:  Mr Robert Macklin

E No.  E1165

Year Levels:  P to 6

Phone Number:  9311 9070

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St. Theresa’s is one of two Catholic primary schools in St Theresa’s parish in Albion. The school gained its registration in February 1951, it grew quickly to be an important part of the local community. St. Theresa’s began teaching children in grade Prep, One and Two. The older children then attended Our Lady in Sunshine. The school was originally run by Josephite Nuns. Since its humble beginnings the school grew and the existing buildings were extended in 1984.


1997, St. Theresa’s school has a current enrolment of 150 students and these numbers are gradually increasing. The school is currently made up of six classes. These include two Grade Prep and One classrooms, two Grade Two and Three classrooms, a Grade Four and Five classroom and Grade Five and Six classroom. St. Theresa’s currently has a staff of 12, including five full time teachers and seven part time teachers. The staff of St. Theresa’s are very committed to providing quality education for all the children in their care. The children are educated in a caring atmosphere, which promotes all of the Catholic values. The Staff has many years of teaching experience and have a keen interest in current educational trends and thinking.


St. Theresa’s school has many special features. One of the most important is the sense of community and family involvement in school. Parents and teachers work in partnership to educate. St. Theresa’s has a very active community and caters for parents who work. Each Term the parents are invited to attend special occasions such as the annual Twilight Sports, Art Show, School Production and Parents Information nights. We believe that as a school community we have created an atmosphere of community and care, this spirit is uniquely St. Theresa’s.

School location

Address:  16 Drummartin Street
Albion VIC 3020

Diocese:  Archdiocese of Melbourne

Region:  Western

Parish:  St Theresa's

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