St Peter's School, Clayton

St Peter's School, Clayton

Principal:  Mrs Sharon Daujat

E No.  E1182

Year Levels:  P to 6

Phone Number:  9544 3032

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St Peter’s School was established in Clayton in 1955 as a parish school and was staffed by the Brigidine Sisters. Much of the original school infrastructure was built with the help of voluntary labour, which showed the strength of the community spirit at that time. This spirit became a cornerstone for the school itself.

The school population at St Peter’s peaked in the late 1970s at around 900 students. With such a high enrolment it was decided in 1981 to create the new parish school of St Andrew’s in South Clayton.

The structure and composition of the buildings at St Peter’s have undergone considerable growth and change, with major refurbishments and building projects undertaken over the years. St Peter’s continues as a parish school and in 2008 appointed a lay principal for the first time.


St Peter’s School, Clayton, is located in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne in the City of Monash. It operates from a number of modern well-appointed learning areas which allow the children to learn in an engaging and exciting space. The children's play areas are extensive with lots of choices.
We are a diverse community with a focus on learning in partnership with parents and our community.

St Peter’s is a faith community where gospel values and the traditions and beliefs of the Catholic faith are taught and lived out in the quality of life expressed within the everyday school community. This is evident in the school's vision statements and policies related to learning and wellbeing. St Peter’s maintains an inclusive curriculum, which allows for and encourages children’s differences.

While skills in literacy and numeracy are a major focus of St Peter’s, we believe that education of the whole child is of equal importance. We offer an integrated curriculum, which caters for the needs of each child. Principles of Learning and Teaching underpin the implementation of the Victorian Curriculum, and are developed through the Inquiry Learning process and drive the curriculum of St Peter’s.


St Peter’s School prides itself on its ability to meet both the physical and the emotional needs of students and working in partnership with parents. Well-appointed learning areas, up-to-date resources including ‘state of the art’ learning technologies support these needs. St Peter’s staff maintains a high standard of teaching through consistent and current professional learning. The school has a wonderful kitchen garden which began as a community garden project incorporating the principles of sustainability and environmental awareness. The program continues to develop and forms an integral component of our school's special programs.

St Peter’s School also provides students with large and well-maintained playing areas, including a huge grassed area, an adventure playground, a sandpit and a basketball court, as well as quiet areas for students to enjoy non-active recreation.

School location

Address:  16 Mary Street
Clayton VIC 3168

Diocese:  Archdiocese of Melbourne

Region:  Southern

Parish:  St Peter's