Killester College, Springvale

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Killester College, Springvale

Principal:  Ms Sally-Marie Buick

E No.  E1191

Year Levels:  7 to 12

Phone Number:  9547 5000

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Killester College, a Catholic Secondary school for girls, was founded in 1955 by the Brigidine Sisters. The school is part of Kildare Education Ministries, a newly created public juridic body and is administered by Kildare Ministries Education Board. There are approximately 900 students and 106 staff. The Sisters established the school in response to the needs of the growing migrant population in the Springvale area in the 1950s. The area has always been diverse in its ethnicity which is reflected in the school population and has resulted in a rich multicultural environment. The traditions of the school are founded on the qualities of our patron Saint Brigid, and expressed in the school motto, Strength and Kindliness.


As part of its mission Killester College aims to offer educational experiences that develop creativity, initiative and love for learning. The curriculum provides a broad education to assist students in understanding the world in which they live. Underlying our curriculum is the belief that teachers need to explicitly develop in our students engagement, assertiveness, resilience, a positive sense of self and be cognisant of gender issues and the spirituality of our students. As a result, curriculum at Killester has four purposes:

► To develop knowledge, values and skills
► To engender a love for learning for its own sake
► To contribute to the formation of citizens who are aware of their role as members of a community and democratic society
► To prepare our young people for further study and/or the workplace.

Killester develops, organises and delivers its curriculum through subject departments and through many extra-curricular learning opportunities for students. In order to achieve the above purposes, the following principles are to be used in all of the learning areas.

- The spiritual and religious enrichment of our students is a priority.

- The development of values and spirituality should be fostered across the curriculum, in addition to the formal Religious Education program.

- Literacy and numeracy skills and strategies will be explicitly taught and developed across the curriculum.

- All students will be encouraged to strive for personal excellence.

- The curriculum should provide students with opportunities to develop their creativity.

- Critical thinking and problem solving skills are essential in all aspects of learning.

- The range of intellectual needs of students will be catered for in both differentiated curriculum strategies and in the provision of special programs.

- Learning technologies should be a basic tool integrated across curriculum.

- The curriculum will prepare students for the VCE, provide career education support and assist students who wish to undertake other post-compulsory education pathways.

School location

Address:  433 Springvale Road
Springvale VIC 3171

Diocese:  Archdiocese of Melbourne

Region:  Southern

Parish:  St Joseph's