Ave Maria College, Aberfeldie

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Ave Maria College, Aberfeldie

Principal:  Ms Tanya Hutton

E No.  E1231

Year Levels:  7 to 12

Phone Number:  9331 9300

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The College was founded by the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMMs) to provide an education for the young women of the Essendon area. The Sisters had already responded to Archbishop Mannix’s call to become involved in education, having first opened Ave Maria Kindergarten in 1957 and a primary school in 1958.

After 15 years of service, the FMMs withdrew from the school to pass it across to lay leadership. The FMMs had established the school during a period of enormous change in Catholic education. Upon their departure, they gifted the school to the Archbishop of Melbourne and Ave Maria College became a diocesan school.

Although the school is barely recognisable from its early years, the Franciscan charism in which Ave Maria College was founded remains a source of inspiration for each new generation of students. The College cherishes the Franciscan values of peace, justice, care for creation and dignity for all.


Ave Maria College is a welcoming community where families and staff, working together in partnership, seek to provide our students with a well-balanced secondary education. We focus on three essential dimensions for the education of our students: faith, caring and learning.

We invite our young women students to know Jesus through the traditions and stories of our faith, celebrating His presence amongst us in the Eucharist and emulating Him in our relationships. The seeking of justice and truth is at the core of our relationships, as is openness with parents and staff in our discernment and decision making.

Our pastoral policies and practices aim to support the individual and the community. Quality relationships are central for the sustenance of a harmonious learning environment. We strive to assist each member gain a strong sense of self through a full, creative and life-giving membership of the College community.

We are committed to implementing innovative and effective teaching and learning strategies in all areas of the curriculum. By assisting our students develop positive attitudes towards life and learning, we believe that we can help them discover inner strength, confidence and self-knowledge that will sustain them throughout their lives.

School location

Address:  14-22 Vida Street
Aberfeldie VIC 3040

Diocese:  Archdiocese of Melbourne

Region:  Northern

Parish:  Our Lady of the Nativity