St Kevin's School, Hampton Park

St Kevin's School, Hampton Park

Principal:  Mr Jason Micallef

E No.  E1349

Year Levels:  P to 6

Phone Number:  9709 8600

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St Kevin’s School was first established in 1988 on Somerville Road, Hampton Park, with an enrolment of 76 students. In 1990 the school moved to the present site on Hallam Road with an enrolment of 174. A major building program, which included an administration area, a staffroom and a library, was completed in 1990. A parish church, incorporating a chapel and a hall, was built on the present site in 1991.

The second stage of the building program – seven learning areas – was completed in mid-1994 when the school enrolment was 404. The third stage consisted of four new learning areas, a new library and refurbishment of the administration building, with enrolments at 608. In 2003 the school officially opened the new hall/multi-purpose building and four new learning areas. Verandahs were constructed to connect portables and provide sheltered areas.


The school is situated on large grounds, with relocatable classrooms, positioned around a central garden area, opposite and adjacent to the permanent buildings. St Kevin’s Church and the Parish house are situated within the school grounds. Also within the grounds are an adventure playground, two ovals, a shaded/pergola area and a large area of paved car park which incorporates netball, volleyball, basketball and tennis courts.

At present there are 27 multi-age classrooms, (twelve Junior school classes, eight Middle school classes and seven Senior school classes), with an enrolment of nearly 700 students in 506 families. The students come from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds, which is representative of the Hampton Park area. About 65% of the school population is from a language background other than English.


St Kevin’s is a Christ-centred community existing to complement the family in the holistic development of the student in the life of faith. This development occurs in partnership with parish, parents and the school community.

St Kevin’s provides an environment in which all students are encouraged to reach their full potential. At St Kevin's we recognise that all students are unique and therefore support and cater for students’ individual needs and diverse backgrounds.

As teachers we provide a faith model for the students. Our school structure and the way we relate to each other, the students and their families reflect:

• the Catholic faith, doctrine and attitudes
• respect for, and tolerance and appreciation of self and others
• self-esteem and self-worth
• responsibility
• a caring attitude that fosters cooperation among peers
• individuality
• life experiences which are relevant for the individual
• openness
• communication
• promotion of active independent learners who take increasing responsibility for their learning.

School location

Address:  120 Hallam Road
Hampton Park VIC 3976

Diocese:  Archdiocese of Melbourne

Region:  Southern

Parish:  St Kevin's