Emmaus Catholic Primary School, Sydenham

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Emmaus Catholic Primary School, Sydenham

Principal:  Mrs Jackie Byrne

E No.  E1370

Year Levels:  P to 6

Phone Number:  9390 4500

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Emmaus Catholic School, Sydenham, was built in 1996 to cater for the growing population in the St Albans area. Sacred Heart Parish, St Albans, was established in the early 1950s to look after the many post-war migrants moving into the area. As different areas of St Albans were developed, a number of new parishes were formed. Fr John O’Reilly, was Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Parish from 1972–2018, and was instrumental in these developments. Sacred Heart/Emmaus Parish is one parish, with two churches and three parish schools: Sacred Heart, St Albans; Emmaus, Sydenham; and Cana, Hillside, which opened in 2004. Our parish philosophy is: 'We pray, work and share together'.


Emmaus Catholic Primary School is located on Sydenham Road, Sydenham. It is adjacent to Emmaus church and Catholic Regional College, Sydenham. Situated in Melbourne's western suburbs, it shares boundaries with St Albans, Delahey, Taylors Lakes, Hillside and Taylors Hill. Emmaus School has a close relationship with the parish and the other parish schools.

Our Motto: 'Jesus Stay with Us'.

Our Vision: 'Like Christ, we believe in empowering and nurturing so all can flourish'.

Inspired by Christ, we live out the mission of Jesus through the celebration of the ‘breaking of the bread’.

As a Catholic community, we work together in unity, on our journey of faith, knowledge and love. We foster lifelong learning, that promotes success and nurtures the talents and abilities of each individual.

At Emmaus we are committed to growing a contemporary faith-filled learning community where :
• All students are holistically nurtured and empowered.
• The individual needs of all our students are met through differentiated learning opportunities.
• We collaboratively analyse and interpret data to support learning.
• All students are actively engaged, empowered and are animated learners able to participate fully in school life and the wider community.

At Emmaus, we are very proud of the following facilities:
• Teaching facilities including contemporary classrooms and resource centres for teaching and learning
• Expansive outdoor facilities including synthetic ovals, a playground and courts
• Parish-school facilities which includes halls at Emmaus and CRC Sydenham.


• A school-based Religious Education program
• Weekly Mass, starting at 8.30 every Thursday morning at Emmaus Church
• A Family Sacramental program, which operates jointly with Sacred Heart and Cana schools
• Many resources, shared between the three schools
• Integrated Curriculum: Integrated units of work ensure that children develop understandings about their world. This involves teachers being explicit about what the students need to learn and how this learning will take place. Integrated units involve meaningful content from the learning areas of Science, Technology, SOSE and Health & Physical Education and Religious Education.
• A specialist program, involving Physical Education, Visual Arts and a Performing Arts Program
• Interschool Sport
• Strong parent support through parish ministries.

School location

Address:  370 Sydenham Road
Sydenham VIC 3037

Diocese:  Archdiocese of Melbourne

Region:  Northern

Parish:  Sacred Heart