Kolbe Catholic College, Greenvale Lakes

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Kolbe Catholic College, Greenvale Lakes

Principal:  Mr Nicholas Scully

E No.  E1393

Year Levels:  7 to 12

Phone Number:  8339 3060

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Kolbe Catholic College was officially established by the Archdiocese in late 2006. The Priority Catholic Parishes and primary schools linked with Kolbe are Our Lady's Parish Craigieburn/Roxburgh Park, Good Shepherd Parish Gladstone Park/Greenvale and Holy Child Parish Meadow Heights/Dallas.

Kolbe welcomed our first group of students to Year 7 in January 2008 at a temporary site - Windrock Avenue Craigieburn that was the future site of Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School for 2009. The College moved to the permanent site at Lysterfield Drive Greenvale Lakes in February 2009, with 252 students in Years 7 and 8 and 28 staff. The current Year 7-12 enrolment is 905 students. Our fourth group of Year 12 students graduated from the College at the end of 2016.

Planning events and celebrations for acknowledgment of Kolbe's first 10 years 2008-2018 is now under way.

The College is named after St Maximilian Kolbe. His legacy is a story of heroism, courage and self-sacrifice; a beacon of hope for the future. St Maximilian Kolbe's Feast Day is 14th August - the day he died at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp in 1941, at the age of 47 - having offered his life in substitution for the life of a fellow prisoner who had been condemned to death. The College motto - Faith, Courage, Compassion - encompasses the legacy of St Maximilian Kolbe and a vision to provide students with every opportunity to make the most of what life has to offer, to strive to be their very best and be inspired to serve others.


Kolbe Catholic College Greenvale Lakes is a Catholic Co-educational Secondary College serving the families for the Archdiocese of Melbourne, the northern region of the CEOM, the local parishes, the local community and the City of Hume. As a college community we are committed to building strength of character within our children; encouraging them to become resilient, compassionate, principled, responsible, caring members of the community. These values and qualities are built over time, through experience and with careful guidance and modelling.

Kolbe Catholic College strives to make every effort to meet the needs of individual students. The Kolbe community aims to be an outstanding and engaged community of learning characterised by the following values:

- The Catholic School as a faith filled community where curriculum and pedagogy centres around the education of the whole person.

- The presence of the Gospel values as an inherent part of the curriculum and all learning programs.

- The diversity of each learner in their abilities, interests, learning styles, backgrounds and aspirations.

- Strong learning relationships where teachers, students and families are co-learners and engage in active communication and collaboration.

- Learner engagement, learner connectedness and pride, learner leadership and ownership over learning.

- Authentic and meaningful learning experiences that enable learners to break pre-existing boundaries and further their discovery of self.

- Stimulating learning environments that are learner centred, contemporary, flexible, safe, inclusive, supportive, challenging and enable student pathways.

- The purposeful integration of digital technologies as a tool to personalise and extend learning.

- The role of the local and global community as partners in the learning process and contributors to interfaith dialogue.

- A collaborative learning culture that is inclusive and cherishes the input, knowledge and expertise of each individual.

School location

Address:  37-101 Lysterfield Drive
Greenvale Lakes VIC 3064

Diocese:  Archdiocese of Melbourne

Region:  Northern

Parish:  Our Lady's