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31 January 2023

Marian CentreA new centre for creative industries is now in operation for students at Emmaus College, Vermont South.

The Marian Centre becomes the college’s new focal point for students studying in the fields of music, drama, filmmaking and more. The centre boasts an auditorium with a 6.5 x 3.5 m LCD backdrop. There are music recording studios, video recording studios, instrumental music rooms and classrooms dedicated to teaching creative industries, along with general purpose classrooms and flexible learning spaces.

The centre’s name is founded in the understanding that ‘to know Christ’ is to know his mother: a young woman who accepted God’s calling. A painting of the Song of Mary, The Magnificat, provides a striking visual welcome to the building.

‘The learning opportunities for our students will be endless, preparing them for the world beyond the classroom, and inspiring their future aspirations and desires’, said Principal Karen Jebb. ‘All students of Emmaus College will benefit from this exceptional addition to the college infrastructure and we look forward to seeing the learning come alive.’