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23 February 2024

Last night, Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS) launched its Flourishing Learners position statement, Vision for Instruction, which embeds a refreshed and system-wide approach to achieving teaching and learning excellence.

vision for instruction launch

Welcoming principals, school leaders, MACS board members and invited guests to the launch, Executive Director, Dr Edward Simons, said: ‘This vision is the culmination of hard work, deep research, creative thinking and rich collaboration within MACS and well beyond. My sincere thanks go to everyone who has been involved in forging our Vision for Instruction, because your efforts and your expertise will impact countless students, both this year and into the years ahead.’

Vision for Instruction is a key document underpinning the MACS 2030 strategic plan, and is firmly grounded in the evidence of how students learn most effectively and efficiently, offering explicit guidance for MACS schools on instructional best practice.

Victorian Deputy Premier and Minister for Education, the Hon Ben Carroll, acknowledged this significant milestone for Catholic education, saying, ‘[Vision for Instruction] is going to serve MACS, and all the schools as part of MACS, so well into the future’.

Dr Mary Oski, Director of Learning and Regional Services, and Shauna-Maree Sykes, General Manager of Improved Learning Outcomes, were joined on stage by four members of the Flourishing Learners Principal/Teacher Reference Group: Sarah Gale, Emmaus College, Vermont South; Adam Gonzalez, Kolbe Catholic College, Greenvale Lakes; Chloe Painter, St Robert’s School, Newtown; and Julie Freeman, Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, Sunbury.

vision for instruction launch

Chloe expressed that ‘the MACS Vision for Instruction is an epic step in the right direction for the most important people in our system – our teachers and students’.

When asked how this position statement will contribute to the strengthening and improvement of the system, Sarah said: ‘It’s the individual differences across MACS schools that make us so special and unique, the character and charism of each school that creates its identity and community. When it comes to pedagogy and practice, cohesion across teaching and learning programs in our system is what this vision will provide.’

vision for instruction launch