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23 November 2016

Students from St Anthony's Primary School, Noble Park, won the Junior Live Action category for Screen It 2016. Screen It is Australia's national film, Still from the winner of ACMI's Screen It competition, Amazing Mums by students from St Anthony's Noble Parkanimation and game making competition for school-age students. The competition aims to encourage imagination and inventiveness in primary and secondary school students, by fostering a new generation of young moving image makers.

This year the winning entries were selected from an unprecedented 587 entries created by 2,521 students from every Australian state, who responded to the 2016 theme: Mystery. This was a 20 per cent jump on the record entries received in 2015, making it the most competitive year to date to win an award, making the win for St Anthony's students even more special.

Michelle Quan, Royce D'mello, Sarah Siddig, Souze Mubarak and Tina Nguyen's entry, Amazing Mums, was the winner of the Junior Live Action category for Screen It 2016. They shared some of their insights about the competition process below:

Can you tell us about your winning project? 

Our film Amazing Mums is a comedy about a daughter who wants to know her mother’s secret about how she fits so much into a day.

What gave you the idea to approach the 'mystery' theme in this way? 

Our teacher asked our class as a group what ideas we had for the theme 'mystery' and wrote them on the board, then she said we weren't allowed to use any of these ideas because these would be the most common ideas. This was difficult because we had written down all criminal, detective and spooky ideas and now we had to think outside the box. That's when we decided to make a comedy, which was inspired by our own mums and how they fit everything in their day.

What was the trickiest thing about getting your entry together for Screen It? 

There were lots of tricky things to deal with in our film depending on what job we had. Like our directors who were in charge of filming had to shoot the film without the audience being able to see our hand stunt girl in the shots. Our actors had to remember their lines and try not to laugh and all of us had to edit the film and make sure we followed copyright rules.

Were there any funny moments? Any difficult moments? 

We can't really think of anything that was so difficult that we weren't having fun but there were lots and lots of funny moments mostly due to forgotten lines or our hand stunt who couldn't see accidentally covering our actor playing the mums face or eyes.

Do you have any advice for other kids interested in film making / animation / game design? 

Make your film on something you’re inspired by and challenge yourself by using your imagination and trying to use ideas that aren't the first idea that you have.

Watch their award-winning short film Amazing Mums here.