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Welcome to Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS).

Our organisation works in partnership with Catholic schools, families, parishes, religious institutes and the community to serve and lead Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

Catholic schools have a unique character that is derived from their mission to provide a faith-based education that is high-quality, low-fee and inclusive to all who seek it.

Our schools provide the young with the best education possible, one where families and students are inspired to grow in the knowledge and understanding of Christ and his teaching.

This is achieved through a holistic approach that puts the whole child at the heart of an education that forms the academic, spiritual, physical, social and moral excellence of the students in our care.

We believe that by recognising the unique abilities and needs of every student in our care, we are able to transform young minds into vibrant, active leaders and contributors within our society.

The 'News and Events' section of this website shares many examples of these wonderful stories with our wider community, showcasing the very best of our sector. I encourage you to become a regular visitor and stay up to date with the achievements of our schools and students.

The good work of educating the young, undertaken in the light of the gospel, is a shared responsibility led by every member of the Catholic school community.

By creating a learning environment in which the whole educational community is formed to embrace life in all its fullness, parents, families, principals and teachers come together to enable every child to make the most of their potential.

Parents appreciate the unique choice a Catholic education offers, with more than 153,000 students – almost one in four school students – enjoying a Catholic education at one of over 330 schools across Melbourne.

This makes Catholic education by far the second largest provider of schooling in Victoria and the largest Catholic education provider within a diocese in Australia.

For prospective parents wanting to explore enrolling their child in a Catholic school, the 'School Search' functionality of this website will connect you to your local Catholic primary, secondary, combined or special school to make the necessary arrangements.

Alongside an excellent education, Catholic schools also offer social partnerships that keep Catholic schools at the cutting edge of an ever-evolving education sector.

These social partnerships give students access to a wide range of opportunities that support future career prospects and get them involved in helping their neighbours and better understanding their communities through social justice activities in their local community.

Students also benefit from wellbeing programs that reflect the gospel values and reinforce a shared belief in a new life characterised by all that is good and true.

I trust this visit to our website will be a productive one, but please contact us if you require further support.

Thank you for supporting Catholic education.

Jim Miles
Executive Director