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16 December 2016

The lead up to Christmas can be an exciting time, except if you’re in hospital. But some patients at the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) have received a bit Image of children from the Royal Children's Hospitalextra special care in 2016. The community at St Michael’s School in North Melbourne has made life a little easier for families of young people undergoing important medical treatment. Located across the road from the Royal Children’s Hospital, the school has opened its heart and its doors to some special families this year.

With families from all over the country needing the specialist care available at the RCH, St Michael’s (with help from the Parkville chapter of St Vincent de Paul) has been able to provide education and for young people and their siblings, including covering the cost of fees and uniforms.

‘It’s always difficult when a young person needs to be in hospital, but when families are coming from as far as Cairns and Perth it can be all the more difficult,’ said principal Denise Hussey. ‘Being located so close to the RCH gives us the unique opportunity to provide a Catholic education to those families doing it tough. It’s another way our students get to see and live the mission of the church.’

St Michael’s has been an important part of North Melbourne’s community since the school first opened in 1918. This unique relationship with the Royal Children’s Hospital and St Vincent de Paul is another important way St Michael’s connects with its local community to provide authentic learning for its students to experience a ‘world of opportunities’.