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11 July 2016

In 2015, Salesian College Sunbury, student Zoe Carter was in charge of finding chickens to purchase for
the college’s VCAL Enterprise project. After searching, she found an advertisement for 50 ex-battery hens
that needed homes.

After some organisation, she brought them to their new home at Salesian College. No photos could prepare Zoe or the other students for what they were to see. The chooks were in an appalling condition from living in horrid conditions within small cages on egg farms. The sight broke Zoe’s heart to see chooks without feathers, melted beaks and red, irritated skin.

Over a few weeks, it was amazing to watch the chickens change and improve their condition.
They transformed into gorgeous, healthy hens! Many days the hens can lay between 30–50 eggs,
sometimes more. The chooks are fed pellets plus receive daily scraps from the College Canteen and any unused fruit and vegetable matter from The Patch, the College’s horticultural area, and farm.

Since the beginning of 2015, Salesian College Sunbury has rescued approximately 200 chickens and re-homed 80. Zoe says, ‘It’s an amazing feeling to know we have helped change the lives of 200 tiny and loving animals. Please buy free range, pasture raised or even better, our very own home grown and lovingly cared for harvest eggs!’