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5 May 2016

By S’thembile Tlhabane – Year 11, Ave Maria College, AberfeldieAve Maria College dedication to Mary Mother of God

In a manner befitting a moment to be long remembered, Ave Maria College was characterised by the angelic voices of the vocal ensemble, the wise words of the Archbishop, and the hard work of many teachers and students for the blessing and official opening of the Mary Centre.

I sat on the far left side of the room, my head turned slightly towards the entrance door to my right to ensure the best possible view as the guests arrived for this historic occasion. When Archbishop Denis Hart appeared the atmosphere stilled itself to a gentle reverence for the dedication to Mary, the mother of God, of a facility designed to help provide each student with a platform to excel in everything they are called to be.

Equipped with classrooms specifically designed to ensure the greatest learning experience for each and every student, the Mary Centre succeeds in providing a space were invention, innovation and learning are encouraged.

The vocal performances, hymns, and reading of the Word of God, were expressions of the beauty the Mary Centre represents within our college. Because, truthfully, the Mary Centre is more than merely an extra building. The hallways have become a place where friendships are built, ideas are shared, and encouragement is given. The classrooms, a birthplace of knowledge and learning and a place for creativity and personal development.

The blessing and opening ceremony provided a genuine time to honour and be thankful for the opportunity we, as Ave Maria College students, have been given. An opportunity to learn and grow, and inspiration to reach our full creative and academic potential.

And for that opportunity the young women of the college are extremely thankful to Catholic Education Melbourne and the many individuals involved in making the Ave Maria College, Mary Centre a key part of our future.