Engineering career the way forward for Genazzano Alumna

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21 March 2017

Genazzano Alumna, Marielle Salom, is engineering a career in a traditionally male-dominated industry.Genazzano alumna Marielle Salom working at the Level Crossing Removal Project in Blackburn

She has spent the past few months working with the Level Crossing Removal Authority, and has just finished a stint on the Blackburn crossing removal project with CPB Constructions.

Marielle has said that ever since her school days, she knew she wanted to become an engineer.

She said that being a woman in a field dominated by men could have its advantages.

'Women have a different outlook and fresh perspective on concepts and ideas,' she said.

'They are able to provide a diverse way of looking at something.'

'Engineering is male-dominated and encouraging more women to choose engineering will allow them to not only build their own careers, but also to change the face of the industry.'

Marielle’s work on construction projects, such as the level crossing removal, provided opportunities to network with other women.

'Positive programs such as the 2017 Women in Construction program provide encouragement for women not only to work in the construction industry but to progress themselves in their careers,' she said.

Article originally published in the Leader, 8 March 2017.