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21 April 2020

Catholic Education Melbourne’s Creative Arts Exhibition has gone online as a digital experience, as voting for the People’s Choice Award opens.

2020 has been a record year for the number of entries received from schools to participate in the Creative Arts Exhibition. Over 650 artworks were submitted by 147 schools, presenting the curators with a highly challenging task to choose the exceptional works which would be exhibited. The Creative Arts Exhibition is a celebration of the artistic and creative talents and achievements of our students and their dedicated teachers, and is a key opportunity to shine a light on the importance of the Arts within the curriculum.

The Creative Arts Exhibition website includes a virtual tour of the exhibition, interviews with artists, a film catalogue for the 2020 entries and a dedicated page for every single artwork. Works have been grouped into their curator-assigned categories, reflecting how they would have been displayed in the public exhibition.

Voting for the People’s Choice Award is now open on the website. Closing at 12.00 pm on Friday 1 May, winners will be announced at 3.00 pm the same day.
We encourage our teachers to use the website as a resource for ideation and reflection, and to engage with professional learning opportunities in the Arts for 2021. We hope the digital exhibition provides students with an opportunity to feel proud of themselves and their work, and to celebrate their achievements with their families.

Congratulations to all students who had artwork selected for the Creative Arts Exhibition and to those who have been acknowledged with an award: