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Back to school23 July 2020

Although most of Melbourne’s Catholic schools are currently offering face-to-face classes only for senior and specialist students, a number of schools in the Archdiocese outside metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire have started Semester 2 with face-to-face learning.

Iona College Geelong, Charlemont, and St Catherine of Siena Catholic Primary School, Armstrong Creek, both opened at the beginning of the year to cater to the communities in the growth areas south of Geelong. Located beyond metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire means that it’s been business as usual … with a few differences.

‘We’re not taking the health and safety of our community for granted’, said Damian McKew, principal of the Archdiocese’s newest Catholic secondary school, Iona College. ‘There are lots of procedures in place to protect our community, so we can focus on teaching our students. It’s meant a few changes, but there has been great support from students, families and teachers to make sure everything is safe for learning.’

‘We know all teachers in the Archdiocese are working hard to keep learning continuing for all students, whether they’re physically in the classroom or not at the moment’, said Donna Bryce, principal of St Catherine of Siena Catholic Primary School. ‘We’re fortunate that we’ve been able to continue with face-to-face learning, but we also know from the experience in Term 2 that it’s possible for students to continue their learning remotely when the classroom isn’t an option.’

Information for families on coronavirus, including protocols and revised timelines for VCE students, is available on the Catholic Education Melbourne website.