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alesian College, Sunbury, new mural27 July 2020

Salesian College, Sunbury, has unveiled a new mural in the school grounds.

The team from Melbourne’s Murals were commissioned to design and then paint the large and prominent mural. They are well-known for their artwork of frontline heroes, depicting a health care worker in the Atlas pose holding up the earth. The mural at Salesian College depicts the founder, St John Bosco, surrounded by stylised images of students from across the years.

‘This mural not only recognises our heritage as an orphanage when it began in 1927, but highlights Bosco’s influence on our diverse and inclusive community’, said principal Mark Brockhus. ‘It is a daily reminder about our inherent connection to our Salesian charism, and reminds all of the great legacy we have had bestowed upon us by Don Bosco to continue in our educative endeavours of reason, religion and loving kindness in all aspects of our relationships with each other.’

‘The mural highlights the special bond of family that connects us all and the strength and resilience our community have demonstrated together during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Art is about engaging people and activating spaces and we hope this mural continues to unite our community.’

The new mural was painted on one of the original Salesian buildings, Fedrigotti Building, in honour of the college’s alumni and current students.