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CRC Melton Anniversary.9 September 2020

The welcoming and thriving community of Catholic Regional College, Melton, celebrated their milestone 40th anniversary in impressive style despite the limitations of remote learning by launching a commemorative book Catholic Regional College Melton – 40 Years in the Making. The book describes the college’s visionary leaders, its committed and passionate staff, and the events and traditions that have become central to college life.

‘We cannot let the opportunity go by to celebrate 40 years of the provision of education to students out in the western suburbs’, said principal Marlene Jorgensen at the online launch in August. Mrs Jorgensen also highlighted the significant role that many others have played in bringing the book to life, including former principal Mark Sheehan, who approached a small group of staff about the idea in 2018.

The book was authored, illustrated and published in-house. Kezi Todd, author and Domain Leader of English, was commissioned to gather photos, memories, art and anecdotes about the founding principal Sr Helen Reed, the visionary Fr John O’Reilly and other community members, while Amy Rowley, graphic designer and Domain Leader of Art, was commissioned to design and bring the book to life.

‘This project came about in 2018 when Mark Sheehan approached me with his thoughts about getting the rich aural history of CRC Melton into a published form, so that that history could be preserved for future students, staff and all members of the community. There were so many stories that were floating around CRC Melton that had been passed down for decades, so it was really important for Mark to ensure that those stories were told’, said Mrs Todd.

What is more impressive is that both Mrs Todd and Mrs Rowley are former students of the college. ‘Many of our past students have gone on to become educators and we currently have 18 of our past students teaching here at the college’, said Mrs Jorgensen. ‘This speaks volumes about the type of education and the type of learning that happens here at CRC. What is developed in these students is a lifelong love of learning, a deep sense of community and a commitment to give back to those who care so deeply about the young people of the college. As a newly appointed principal, it is an honour and a privilege to build on the rich traditions of the past 40 years, and to lead the college into a faith-filled and hopeful future beyond 2020.’