Three cheers for learning support officers

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Holy Family School, Mount Waverley.30 August 2021

While most of us are learning from home during the current restrictions, learning support officers (LSOs) are providing a valuable service so that all students continue to thrive.

At Holy Family School, Mount Waverley, the team of LSOs is on site every day working with students with more complex learning needs, as well as supporting them with social and emotional challenges. Alongside emergency workers who are keeping our community going during lockdown, LSOs provide an important contribution that ensures learning continues for all young people.

‘We’re on site each day to encourage and support students’ learning, to have fun and laugh’, said one of the school’s LSOs. ‘We’re there to support the teachers by email or phone, as well as preparing individualised learning activities and consolidating ideas within year-level teams.’

‘The LSOs have been amazing supporting the Preps at school’, said one of the teachers. ‘The LSOs are fantastic at getting them onto their class and small-group Meets. They listen to the Preps read each morning and work through their set activities on both Seesaw and worksheets. One student requires one-on-one support and the LSOs supporting him are amazing, continuing his routine and feeding back to me regularly with how he is going.’

For Holy Family School’s principal Julie David, the role of the LSOs is integral to the success of the community. ‘The support of our learning support staff is unique and incredible, and the connections they form with a student can last a lifetime’, said Julie. ‘During the pandemic, our learning support staff have been online supporting our students so that their learning can continue. This time around our learning support staff have been on site to support these students and their families.’

Australian Teacher Aide Appreciation Week begins today and continues until Friday 3 September.