Harmony Day at St John’s Regional College, Dandenong

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23 March 2021

students at St Johns celebrate Harmony DaySt John’s Regional College, Dandenong, celebrated Harmony Week last Thursday. The week-long national celebration is an annual event between 15 and 21 March, with schools and organisations all over Australia participating in their own way.

College captains Aiden and Maria wrote about the day in the college’s newsletter:

It was wonderful to see the spirit of community and diversity within our college on Harmony Day this year. The variety of cultural dress that was worn by students and staff represents the multicultural heritage that makes our St John’s community so unique and special. Students proudly representing their culture, which both differentiates us but also brings us together. We are proud of the sheer number of staff and students who participated during the college assembly in the Bollywood dancing. The lunchtime activities ran by the leadership team created a great atmosphere and many opportunities for people to get together, enjoy great food, music, dance and a wide variety of activities. A big thankyou to Chef KC, Chef Karla, Sherlyn Antony and her mother Mary, who all put a lot of effort in preparing and cooking all the cultural food. We hope that you enjoyed the day as much as we did, and we thank all the college staff and students for their participation and making Harmony Day 2021 a memorable one!