Illuminare et Ardere

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Year 12 students artwork at Aquinas College, Ringwood.11 May 2021

Year 12 students at Aquinas College, Ringwood, have contributed to an impressive art installation as a vehicle for their intentions during their final year of secondary school.

Inspired by the college’s core value for Year 12, spirituality, each student was asked to consider their intentions for the year ahead. They were challenged to think how they would make a positive impact within their Year 12 community and how they would develop their own spirituality throughout the year. They wrote their thoughts on a scroll and attached it to a lantern, and this installation now hangs in the Year 12 space.

Arts learning area leader, Sandi van der Niet, was inspired to use lanterns to represent the light helping to lead the way forward, drawing on the Aquinas College motto ‘Illuminare et Ardere’: to light up and be on fire. The installation is a visual reminder of the Year 12 students’ connectedness, diversity, strength and community, and aims to inspire the young adults to look towards their future – their goals, hopes and intentions.