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25 May 2021

Marymede news broacastThe students at Marymede Catholic College, South Morang, are producing news broadcasts for their peers.

The Marymede news team has been delivering fortnightly reports, broadcast online to the school community, following the success of a pilot episode at the end of 2020.

Head of visual arts Jeremy Guzman said the 2021 student leaders approached him with a proposal for the program.

‘[The] pilot episode … received positive feedback, so we made a commitment to producing and distributing a new episode every fortnight’, Mr Guzman said.

‘It has been terrific seeing students connect through their passion for media and collaborate with one another in a professional setting that simulates a television studio environment.

‘As students gain more experience and build up their production skills, they will be able to mentor future students who join the program.’

Year 9 student Alex said he enjoyed using equipment he never had before.

‘I am having an amazing and exciting experience that I will never forget’, Alex said.

‘As well as this I have also interviewed media personality, Brian Taylor, and have been able to experience what it’s like to produce news content.’

Year 9 student Daniel said he enjoyed getting involved and planning the news reports.

‘I enjoy making segments, helping behind the scenes with the lights and camera, and the whole production of the news program’, he said.

Year 12 student Jarryd said it was satisfying to see his peers watching the program.

‘I think that it is important to establish our Marymede news program in the community as a recurring platform that students and staff engage with because it [is] a good way to connect the school community and keep people informed’, he said.

This article was originally published in the Northern Star Weekly on Tuesday 18 May 2021.