A vision to support mental health

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Poppy Broomhall from St Mary’s College, Seymour.28 October 2021

Poppy Broomhall from St Mary’s College, Seymour, believes you can never be too young to speak out on important issues.

As part of Raise Our Voice Australia’s Youth Voice in Parliament Week, Year 7 student Poppy has written a speech which was shared in federal parliament by Damian Drum, Member for Nicholls. Young people were asked to reflect on where they would like to see Australia in 20 years. Poppy’s reflection highlighted the challenges to mental health as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how supporting the mental health of Australia’s young people needs greater attention. Poppy’s speech will now appear in Hansard, the report of the proceedings of the Australian parliament and its committees.

My vision for Australia in 20 years is that there is support readily available for those suffering from mental health issues. The uprise in mental health issues during Covid and the associated lockdowns have been significant, especially amongst the youth of Australia.

The issue is that there has definitely not been enough support for those who are struggling and the government needs to step in and fix this up. The government needs to encourage more people to study psychology and become therapists/counsellors so that when people are struggling they have the opportunity to receive the help and support they need.

I think it’s important that the government prioritises the quality and quantity of help and support for those suffering from mental illness. If the focus isn’t placed on this today, when will it ever be?