A new look for St Lawrence of Brindisi

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8 September 2021

St Lawrence's new logoOne of our newest primary schools, St Lawrence of Brindisi Catholic Primary School, Weir Views, has unveiled its logo ahead of the first students beginning next year.

‘Our logo was developed following significant consultation with our parent and parish community, and reflects their aspirations and vision for our school’, said foundation principal Bill Hill. ‘The colour represents creativity, wisdom and peace, which will be critical principles in the culture of our school. The logo has been carefully designed to be easily understood, and to promote the vision and story of our school community.’

The central image of St Lawrence connects with the Minor Capuchin order, the Franciscan order to which St Lawrence belonged. Within his image is the Tau cross, a central icon in the Franciscan order. With his arms open wide, St Lawrence reflects the culture of welcome we present to others. The light surrounding him represents both the light of faith and the light of learning in the school’s motto: ‘a light to the mind and a fire to the will’. The image of the book in the logo connects to St Lawrence as a man of learning. The book reflects the school as a place of learning; a culture founded on developing a love of learning in students, staff and parents. The curve at the bottom of the logo reflects the ‘horizons of hope’ that shape the archdiocesan educational framework.

St Lawrence of Brindisi Catholic Primary School opens in January 2022.