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30 March 2023

‘Nourish and Flourish’, a series of programs to support health and wellbeing at St Anthony’s School, Melton South, has been officially launched.

A partnership between the school and CatholicCare Victoria, Nourish and Flourish is the name chosen for current and future initiatives to promote health and wellbeing. In addition to the popular twice-weekly breakfast club, the school hosts a student-run café and regular morning exercise, and will soon embark on the creation of a mental health and community garden designed by students.

Officially launched by Agnes Sheehan, CEO of CatholicCare Victoria, the school’s principal Damien Schuster and parish priest Fr Fabian Smith, the breakfast club currently has between 190 and 240 students attending. Morning aerobics in the school hall and activities on the oval are also available to further promote a healthy start to the school day.

‘The project involved working with the community to find opportunities to remove barriers to health and wellbeing for children and young people, so they can achieve and engage in education and reach their full potential’, said Agnes. ‘I leave here feeling truly encouraged and hopeful, understanding that to build thriving communities in Melton, we must collaborate and listen to your voice, the voice of the families, the voice of the community. We want to find new opportunities to contribute to building this thriving community.’

‘The project gave us a unique look into the heart of our community, and expressed the aspirations, needs and concerns of our families’, said Damien, ‘and it will make a difference to the lives of our students, families and the entire community here in Melton South’.

CatholicCare Victoria nourish and flourish program Students at St Anthony's, Melton South