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27 March 2023

Young artists from Melbourne’s Catholic schools were recognised during the presentation for the 2023 Creative Arts Exhibition.

Held during Catholic Education Week at the Catholic Leadership Centre, the exhibition is a unique opportunity for students to take part in a curated display of art created by primary and secondary students from across the Archdiocese. A digital version of the exhibition is available via the Catholic Education Week website.

Congratulations to all students chosen to be part of the exhibition, and to the students who received one of the awards:

Archbishop of Melbourne Award for Religious Art

Creative Arts Committee Awards

Highly commended winner, Joshua ThomasCreative Arts Committee Film Award (Animation)

Creative Arts Committee Film Award (Live action)

Primary sculpture winner, Michaela MaddamsCreative Arts Committee Sculpture Award

Year 12 award winner, Ava VillellaCreative Arts Committee Year 12 Award

Melbourne Museum Still Life Award

National Gallery of Victoria Creativity Award

People’s Choice Award

Portraiture Award

Royal Botanic Gardens Nature-inspired Award

Scienceworks STEM-inspired Award