Technology transforms learning at St Francis Catholic College

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3 November 2023

A state-of-the-art smart classroom equipped with virtual and augmented reality technology has opened at St Francis Catholic College, Melton.

The college is the first Catholic school in Victoria to install a Lumination Learning Lab to boost student engagement, break down barriers and empower students with the skills they need in the future workforce. A traditional classroom at the college has been transformed into a high-tech lab where students use virtual reality headsets instead of textbooks to experience the curriculum like never before. Projectors, safety rings, blackout blinds, viewing space and high-powered computers are part of the learning stations, providing students with opportunities for immersive learning.

Opening the new classroom

‘Walking through an Egyptian tomb, exploring Rome, navigating outer space, delving inside a human cell or dissecting a virtual frog are just some of the experiences students will now have access to in their Lumination Learning Lab’, said Principal Marlene Jorgensen. ‘The lab allows for creativity and artistic endeavour on a completely new level. As students create with snow, smoke and embers using 3D modelling, the sky is the limit for what they will produce. I am incredibly excited to see our future art and design exhibitions.’

Lumination Learning Lab

A team of staff has been trained to use the technology, which provides experiences directly linked to the Victorian Curriculum. Teachers have access to resources and lesson plans to help them navigate immersive learning experiences inside the lab for their students.

Student wearing a virtual reality headset