Connect, reflect and protect for Safer Internet Day

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6 February 2024

As part of their commitment to internet safety, the community at St Peter’s School, Sunshine South West, held a series of workshops to empower all aspects of the school to be safe online.

Facilitated by Cyber Safety Project, the workshops included content designed for students, teachers and families. ‘We have a one-to-one Chromebook program at the school and we feel that it’s important that we empower our families to support their child’s learning at home as well as school’, said Principal Grace Frazzica. ‘For our families, we’re making safety visible and giving them tools about what to look for, as well as encouraging good habits about being safe online.’

Year 5/6 teacher Sharon Campbell and Year 6 student Lucia talk about the ways the school has created a culture of safety for all members of the community.