Primary school principals – we salute you!

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7 August 2020

Today, on Australian Primary Principals Day, we recognise the work of the 260 Catholic primary school principals in the Archdiocese of Melbourne, and all principals across the country.

‘It is more timely than ever to recognise our primary principals for their enormous contribution to the life of their schools and the community’, said Jim Miles, Executive Director of Catholic Education Melbourne.

‘The challenges principals have faced over the past six months of this pandemic have both stress-tested and shone unprecedented light on their capability, and the central leadership role they play in the fabric of their communities more broadly.

‘Our principals have responded magnificently to COVID-19. We have seen strong and decisive leadership, professionalism, innovation, care and compassion in abundance across our sector.

‘Many schools have had to close and open multiple times, alternating between onsite and remote learning with only a few days notice. Principals have assisted with contact tracing, overseen deep cleans, and cared for sick students and staff, all while ensuring the core business of teaching and learning continues.

‘While it has not always been smooth sailing, stories of principals going above and beyond to care for the wellbeing of their students, staff and families are common across the community.

‘As we continue in this next phase of lockdown, we congratulate and thank our principals. Your contribution already stands as a lasting legacy of Victoria’s efforts to support young people, and protect their future, in the face of this insidious virus.

‘I encourage everyone to take the opportunity today to say thanks to their principal’, Mr Miles said.

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