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30 January 2019

Almost 210,000 Catholic students are beginning at or returning to over 500 schools statewide this week – close to one in four Victorian school students, the highest proportion of any Catholic system in the country.

‘Catholic education is committed to providing quality, accessible, faith and values-based schooling to all those who want it’, Catholic Education Melbourne Acting Executive Director Jim Miles said.

‘We believe in a partnership with parents. Catholic education provides choice, allowing parents to find schools that best meet their children’s needs.

‘Growing school numbers make it clear families appreciate the option.

‘The five Catholic primary schools that opened in the Greater Melbourne and Geelong regions in 2018 are being followed by two new primaries that are opening their doors this year, at Wollert and Sunbury.

‘In 2020 we hope to see the opening of our first new Catholic secondary college in a decade, and expect this to be followed by as many as two more secondary schools and nine new primaries as we head towards 2025.

‘This work is largely accomplished thanks to school communities. While we welcome the support we receive from the state and federal governments, Catholic school families contribute around 80 cents of every dollar spent on capital improvement and building works in schools. Their neighbours at government schools are not required to contribute to capital funding at all.

‘At the same time, it’s important to remember that Catholic schools offer social capital as well as a first-rate education.

‘Catholic schools are seen as more than places of education, but as vital community hubs – anchor points that provide a sense of certainty and purpose and enduring values as Melbourne’s population booms.

‘New and expanding communities in and around Melbourne now expect that a Catholic school will be part of their neighbourhood and we work hard to meet this demand.

‘We welcome our new students and look forward to a bright future for our new schools.’

Further information: Christian Kerr, Media Adviser, 0402 977 352

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