Creative Industries at Emmaus College

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Emmaus College, Vermont South's new creative arts building.5 August 2021

Emmaus College, Vermont South, is building new pathways for its creative students with work commencing on the new Creative Industries building.

Demolition of the school’s oldest building has made way for an ambitious project which will provide a rich and inspiring learning environment for music, media, technology and performance. In keeping with the rest of the campus in Vermont South, the new building will be an exceptional learning environment that is safe and supportive in developing the creative abilities of the students.

‘Emmaus College has an exciting vision for music, media, technology and performance, and this new learning centre will provide our students with the resources and spaces to foster their passions and set them up for a bright future’, said Principal Karen Jebb. ‘Emmaus College continues to provide the very best grounds, buildings and facilities for our college community, which is why we are thrilled to begin construction of our new Creative Industries building. We can’t wait to move in and see the energy and possibilities for music and multimedia learning.’

Currently under construction by Lloyd Group, the building will feature the highest sustainability rating achievable, the best acoustics possible, flexible spaces, several instrumental teaching rooms, performance areas with stage lighting and sound, music technology spaces, multimedia labs, a green-screen room, a recording studio and high-tech teaching spaces. The Creative Industries building will open in 2022.