Learning and wellbeing HUB reaps benefits for St Jude’s, Langwarrin

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26 May 2021

The HUB at St Jude's SchoolA vibrant learning and wellbeing space with seven different zones known as the ‘HUB’ was established at St Jude’s School, Langwarrin, 18 months ago and has reaped benefits for students.

Principal Marita O’Sullivan (‘Mrs O’ to the school community) says the HUB has been a wonderful addition to the school environment at St Jude’s.

‘The entire space is fitted with contemporary furnishings, including pedal desks, whiteboard tables, wobble stools, stand-up stations and soft furnishings’, she said.

‘The HUB is for every single student. Literacy, numeracy, robotics, social and emotional capabilities, and so much more are taught in the HUB, whether it be independent, small-group or whole-class learning.

‘This year, numeracy has been targeted with extension programs taught in one of the zones, along with the delivery of our post-COVID tutoring program.’

Mrs O’Sullivan said the HUB is also a vital space from a wellbeing perspective.

‘Every child at St Jude’s is explicitly taught that if they need a break, they are able to go to the HUB Zone 1, which is supervised and called the “take a break” space.

‘Children sign-in on an iPad which records date and time of their visit. They then put on a timer for 10 minutes and use sensory tools to self-regulate their emotions.

‘When the timer sounds, they pack up the space and head back to class. The aim is to give the children the responsibility and skills to understand their bodies and emotions, and to have the ability to self-regulate.

‘The data collected from the sign-in portal helps inform staff of children who may be struggling and, if patterns are identified, intervention is put in place.’

Mrs O’Sullivan said the HUB also includes two 3D printers, enabling children to be taught processes around design and production.

‘The HUB is a wonderful, versatile space at St Jude’s that supports our students to flourish with both their learning, and their social and emotional wellbeing’, she said.